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In addition, we offer a no questions asked, full 30 day money back guarantee. For any reason that you’re unsatisfied with the work we have done, we honest apology for wasting your time, and will offer you a complete refund of your deposit. But understand that before that would happen, we will work our butts off to earn your satisfaction.

A large number of Satisfied Customers Throughout the Country

So whether you live in Tennessee, or elsewhere across this lovely country that we call home, our Nashville tax law business can help you. We’ve got give honest advice based on that, and experts standing by to hear your story, and offices covering the whole nation. The first call is entirely free of charge, and can help you understand what exactly you must do, and where you stand.

Honesty and Integrity as Founding Principles

Before our business was founded, our two founders were seasoned professionals in the tax relief industry. They saw the way most companies were treating their customers, along with the other ones that were being shut down by the federal government, and knew there had to be room in the marketplace for a fair and reputable company. So from day one, assignment and our aim in business has been to treat every client like they were a member of our family.


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Interest costs and fees can add up fast, but our Nashville firm of pros can have them removed quicker!

What is the IRS Penalty Abatement Program?

Chances are, that if you have built up a major tax at the IRS, they’ve added to your final debt, which can improve it considerably if not nearly double it from what you actually owe on additional fees and interest charges.

But fortunately enough, in an effort to get you to refund you tax debts, the IRS will often agree to reduce or remove some of these penalties and interest fees, which can significantly decrease the amount you owe. This action or plan is known as penalty abatement, and is something that our Nashville tax law business does for all of our customers.

How Can I Get my IRS Penalties and Interest Reduced?

Just like in negotiating with all the IRS, if you’re able to use the notion of non payment of your tax debt against them, then odds are that they are going to reduce the entire amount you owe, only trying to get back whatever cash they appear good to their supervisors, and can.

Our Tennessee tax experts are well versed in helping our customers do it on a daily basis, and get the best prices with regards to fee abatement. The best method to qualify and get the very best price is to let our crew of experts manage it for you. Rather than attempting to handle a massive water line break by yourself, you would call a plumber who could get it fixed promptly, before more damage is finished. Something similar goes with taxes.

How Much Can I Save with IRS Penalty Abatement?

The exact amount you will save in receiving your penalties and interest reduce will depend a lot on your individual tax situation, and your fiscal situation in your life that is regular. But for a lot of individuals, we can choose a solid 20 to 40% off the top, before in the other programs are added in, just with decreased fees and interest charges the quantity you owe has been slapped on by the IRS.

Give our Tennessee team a call immediately to learn following a brief 15 minute phone conversation, you’ll know exactly where you stand, and how much you can actually save, and what to do next. The information from that consultation is free for you to do whatever you like with, including go with a competitor, or do it yourself.

Discontinue bank levies in their own courses, and get rightful access to your money.

What is a Bank Levy?

The Internal Revenue Service may decide to issue a bank levy in your checking account, savings or brokerage accounts, in case your tax debt has been built up to a high enough of number. This is essentially when the Internal Revenue Service gives out an authorized seizure of your assets, and your bank must send them a certain portion of the money that you have saved with them.

Following the IRS issues a bank levy, in your Tennessee bank will freeze your assets for 21 days, and that your funds will probably be sent straight to the Internal Revenue Service, when you’ll not have the capacity to ever get them back.

Can I get a Bank Levy removed?

Fortunately for you, most bank levies could be removed quickly, depending on your individual tax situation.

That way, you will have access to the money kept within those along with all your accounts, instead of having them locked up, and then send to the authorities.

How can I stop my bank levy?

For many people, the best way to stop an IRS Bank Levy would be to use a team of pros who’ve extensive expertise in dealing with these types of problems.

Give our Nashville tax law company a call right away to see that which we can do for you.

The key to having the ability to manage paying your tax debt back is spreading the payments out over time.

What is an Installment Agreement?

As they do not have tens of thousands dollars extra just sitting around for many people, this is not possible.

This is why the IRS introduced what’s known as an installment agreement, which is basically an agreement you enter into with them, that’ll let you pay back the sum you owe over time, in smaller monthly obligations, instead of one big payment.

Will I Qualify for an Installment agreement?

The IRS is generally very accepting of most individuals to get into an installment agreement, because it will increase the prepayment rate it’s going to get on the back taxes that people owe. For many people, qualifying for an installment agreement is a fairly easy thing to do.

But before going out as well as use for one, so you’ll have the capacity to get the top rate and payment amount potential, you’ll need to know what information that it’ll be asking for, in the best way to present that info. Our Nashville team negotiates multiple installment arrangements everyday, so we understand the best ways of getting our clients the results they require, in a payment they are able to manage.

So let our Tennessee specialists manage negociate your installment arrangement for you, because often times we are able to get twice as good of deal as taxpayers usually would, due to our working relationship with IRS contacts. If you had an enormous plumbing leak, it’s just like – you would desire to call a plumber in to get the job done right instantaneously, instead of trying to repair it yourself.

How Can I Successfully Negotiate an Installment Agreement?

Negotiating an installment agreement can be somewhat tricky for most of US, because the IRS is usually not on your side, and is just concerned about getting the money they’re owed. This implies they’ll frequently try and impose large payments that you simply can’t manage, which can leave you strapped for cash, and fighting to get by each month.

Our Nashville experts can ensure that you’re a paying the amount that you ought to be paying based on your present life situation, and not more.

How Much Will I Have to Pay Every Month with an Installment Agreement?

The exact amount you will have to pay each and every month with the panda number of factors, including the entire amount that you owe, your own monthly income and expenses, and how well you can negotiate together with the IRS. For most of US dwelling in Nashville, this will be somewhere around a few hundred dollars per month, until your tax debt is paid off. But depending on your own individual situation, this could be less or more.

The best means finding out just how much you can expect to pay, is by giving our Tennessee pros a call right now. Just a quick 15 along with a telephone consultation tell you exactly what you have to learn about a potential installment agreement involving you and also the IRS.

We can help put a stop to the harassment, if you are getting letters and notices from the Internal Revenue Service.

What Does My IRS Notice Really Mean?

Has the IRS been sending threatening notices or letters to your house or business lately? Most of the time these letters and notices are difficult to comprehend for most folks and extremely complicated to read.

They often comprise legalistic information on your present tax problem, phrased in a way you cannot understand, with the intention of warning you about forthcoming actions they’re going to take on private life or your account.

They will stop at nothing to send these letters to your Nashville residence or place of employment. The best thing you can certainly do is take action now to prevent these letters and notices from coming later on.

What Should I Do About IRS Letters and Notices Showing Up at My House?

The finest from showing up at work or your home that you can do to stop these letters and notices would be to get a hold of a seasoned Tennessee tax law firm, who understands exactly what these letters mean, and what to do about them.

Our Tennessee firm knows just what each among them means in terms of what our customers next action should be and manages hundred of these layers per week for customers, and deciphers.

How serious are these IRS Notices and Letters?

These IRS letters and notices are intended to be very serious to the taxpayer, and typically represents a possible action the IRS is about to take against you. Though they’re difficult to understand, they mean business, and may sometimes mean the IRS is going to confiscate the possession of your home or auto as a way of getting you to pay off the quantity you owe.

What is a Revenue Officer?

These policemen are applied specifically to harass you into reimbursing the amount that you simply owe. Until you really repay the full amount in back tax debt for many people, they will not stop seeking out you.

So if you only wish to be free of them for good, and are having issues using a revenue officer showing up at your residence or business, give our Nashville specialists a call promptly to learn what your choices are.

The Internal Revenue Service will likely be looking to intimidate you about to get the money they're owed, so do not let them.

How Can I Negotiate with the IRS to reduce my my tax debt?

For those who have built up a substantial tax debt to the Internal Revenue Service, and live in Nashville, odds are that you might have the ability to negociate a specific part of your debt spread out the approach in which you are going to pay for it, and to be forgiven.

But this is generally somewhat less easy as it sounds, as you’ll be fighting on earth, who puts aside billions of dollars and thousands of workers against the greatest collection agency to go after citizens like you, to make sure that they get the money they’re owed.

How Should I Start Negotiating?

One of the basic principles of negotiating a tax settlement with all the IRS, is to have some sort of negotiating edge. For a lot of individuals, the risk of non-repayment of their debts could be utilized as a bargaining chip against the IRS.

But coping with this particular individual revenue policemen may be very difficult, and should you not know what you are doing, you can frequently end up in a worse position than you were before.

To set yourself a bunch of money time and headaches, you need to simply let our Nashville tax lawyers managed in negotiations for you.

How Can I Get the Best Deal in Negotiations?

You must know which buttons are the best ones to push to get the very best deal in your tax resolution negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service. Like we mentioned previously, the hazard of nonpayment is generally a great way to help you to get a lower rate for sum on what you will refund. Things enjoy life scenarios, fiscal hardship, and also the other fiscal situation can often assist in lowering your monthly obligations in an installment arrangement, and the whole amount you owe complete.

But again, the best way to go about negotiating with all the IRS would be to let our Tennessee law firm handle it for you.

Savings from Actual Clients

Client Tax DebtSettlementClient Savings
$105,000$5,148$99,852 (95% off)
$50,000$8,800$41,200 (82% off)
$20,000$780$19,220 (96% off)
$23,581$1,200$22,381 (95% off)
$37,514$7,752$29,762 (79% off)

What Our Clients Say

Kelly & Howard T.5 Star Rating

I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs help!

I called to discuss some serious tax issues and from my very first phone call, this team was terrific. They were courteous, professional and quick to deliver. Instant Tax Solutions far-exceeded any expectations that I had. They turned our situation around very quickly. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs help with the IRS.

Houston, TX

Linda C.5 Star Rating

The entire staff was very helpful and courteous through the process with no gimmicks.

The experience was a painless one with no hassles of hoops to jump. I had a debt of $16,000.00 and ended up paying $1,700.00. They handled everything from start to end with a very positive resolution. The entire staff was very helpful and courteous through the process with no gimmicks. Keep on with the GREAT work.

Atlanta, GA

Aaron F.5 Star Rating

...made me feel comfortable working with them. A burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

I had ten years of taxes I hadn’t filed. I was really nervous and didn’t know what to do. I checked the IRS website for tips on selecting a company. Instant Tax Solutions had a good rating and made me feel comfortable working with them. A burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you Instant Tax Solutions!

Tacoma, WA

Welcome to Tennessee SH Tax Law Firm!

Our staff is dedicated to helping all Tennessee citizens get aid and the help they need on their back tax debt dilemmas. We’ve expert tax lawyers, CPAs and consultants on staff that have decades of expertise in negotiating and fighting with the Internal Revenue Service. Sometimes life just happens, and medical emergencies come up, occupations get lost, and things can spiral out of control quicker than you recognize.

Even, and you shouldn’t have to endlessly endure tolerate more than you need to for ordinary life scenarios that happen to everybody.

Confronting the IRS on your own is terrifying, as they are the biggest collection agency on earth, and have militaries of Revenue Officials with billions of dollars in funds set aside just to come after you. Their only goal within their task will be to try and get money for the government back, so they really don’t care about if it makes regular life very challenging, or how it effects you.

When you need a favorable resolution, do not try and go against their armies and let the experts here at sH Tax Law Firm negotiate on your behalf.

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